Top 10 Game Characters

While I was browsing through KindaFunny forums a topic raised by user nicknamed JVR got me thinking about my personal top 10 game characters. That includes all characters not only main protagonists. So without a further ado here is a list of top 10 game characters by yours truly.

10. Legion (Mass Effect)

When it comes to space RPGs I can't think of better character designers than Bioware (please just stop doing Fantasy RPGs and focus on space). I absolutely love Mass Effect trilogy and it's cast but emotionless Legion stirs things up perfectly that's why he is my favourite of the bunch.

9. Xiahou Dun (Romance of the Three Kingdoms series)

RotK is one of my top underrated games - I've spent countless hours especially playing RotKX and PS2 Dynasty/Mussou games. The moment when I read short introduction for Xiahou Dun I knew he is the character I want to explore the most - eating your own eyeball during battle sends one hell of a message.

8. Mitsuko (Bloody Roar)

Another character from a game that is overlooked - Bloody Roar. Mitsuko is unique in nearly every aspect. She is a female fighting game character that doesn't fit any of the established clich├ęs - she is not cute nor over-sexualized and she is one of the physically strongest characters in the game. The fact that she turns into a wild boar is just an icing on the cake.

7. T-00 (Resident Evil 2)

Apart from being one of the OG returning bosses a simple and yet disturbing design of RE2 tyrant was really impressive. His dominating presence foreshadowed with eerie score inspired panic and unjustified shotgun shots in Resident Evil 2 (damn you static camera!). Oh and he punches through fucking pre-rendered backgrounds and morphs into undead killing machine. Nemesis is iconic but it was this fucker's muffled footsteps that thwarted some of my RE2 speed runs.

6. HK-47 (Knights of the Old Republic)

Now where do I start with this one? Everything including this characters introduction and the plot twist associated with him just made him a dominating persona in KotOR. If Star Wars was packed with characters like HK-47 I would be number one fan.

5. Vega (Street Fighter series)

Here is the thing - when it comes to fighting games I'm always drawn masked characters and unorthodox characters. Vega is unique for Street Fighter due to his claw, mask and move set. I started playing SF competitively late when Street Fighter IV was out and when I saw Vega occupying bottom of the tier list I knew he will be my main character. Not a huge fan of his iteration in V but design is still unique for the matador.

4. Ellie (The Last of Us)

The Last of Us is hands down my top game of all times and characters are important part of this. The way relationship between Ellie and Joel shapes throughout the game and additional exposition we got in Left Behind puts this female character in my list. As you probably saw in my TLOU capture gallery I'm big supporter of her knife - even if I'd sometimes wish she would let Joel borrow it for just a day ;)

3. Kratos (God of War series)

Now now - before you start shouting how shallow and ridiculous this character is let me tell you this... I DON'T CARE. Kratos is one of those stereotypical anti-heroes I would put in the same pot as Duke Nukem and I love him for that. I just want to hear him shouting ATHENA while ripping out cyclops' eyeball and fucking a goat in one of those Greek temples. Hope to see him unchanged and more brutal on PS4.

2. Teddie (Persona 4 Golden and Arena)

Oh Teddie boy - apart from being a powerhouse character in the RPG (still the best game you can get on Vita!) he scratches every itch when it comes to my preference in fighting games. His transformations and comic relief moments instantly made him my favourite character and number of bear puns I've been spamming my friends with became truly un-BEAR-able...

1. Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3 - David Hayter)

With Phantom Pain I just had to clarify which version of Big Boss I'm considering to be my favourite. Voice acting matters and Big Boss saying 'Metal Gear?' in David Hayter's voice sends chills down my spine. MGS3 if the top entry in the franchise for me it was a wonderful occasion to explore origins of Big Boss and understand his motivation.

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