Top 10 Game Characters

While I was browsing through KindaFunny forums a topic raised by user nicknamed JVR got me thinking about my personal top 10 game characters. That includes all characters not only main protagonists. So without a further ado here is a list of top 10 game characters by yours truly.

10. Legion (Mass Effect)

When it comes to space RPGs I can't think of better character designers than Bioware (please just stop doing Fantasy RPGs and focus on space). I absolutely love Mass Effect trilogy and it's cast but emotionless Legion stirs things up perfectly that's why he is my favourite of the bunch.


Street Fighter V - Polish Open Championship

So my hype for SFV is growing constantly since last BETA of 2015 (another one live now since early morning!). Less than a month from official launch (16th of Feb) and I decided not to wait and bought PS4 dedicated stick as Capcom still fails to confirm if legacy controllers will be supported.

Didn't go with licensed Mad Catz because they pulled exactly the same shit as last time and tossed limited number of controllers which were sold in a matter of hours if not minutes. So good job fueling 2nd-hand market with overpriced accessories Mad Catz!

Anyway - just when I though my hype reached it's peak news hit today on PPE.pl that Cenega (official distributor for SFV in Poland) and PPE (media partner) are running first Polish Open Championship for Street Fighter V

Dates and Venues for eliminations and Grand Finals


PS4 backwards compatibility - force even stronger with Playstation?

As you already know by now: following few articles posted over PS2 games included in the Star Wars Battlefront bundle Sony 'admitted' (for lack of a better word) that indeed these games are emulated and not remastered/remade for PS4. This basically means that Sony already has software capability to emulate PS2 classics on current-gen hardware and further more they devised a method to patch in trophy support on top of overall visual overhaul for those games.

downloadable PS2 classics emulated on PS4 with added trophy support