Street Fighter V - Polish Open Championship

So my hype for SFV is growing constantly since last BETA of 2015 (another one live now since early morning!). Less than a month from official launch (16th of Feb) and I decided not to wait and bought PS4 dedicated stick as Capcom still fails to confirm if legacy controllers will be supported.

Didn't go with licensed Mad Catz because they pulled exactly the same shit as last time and tossed limited number of controllers which were sold in a matter of hours if not minutes. So good job fueling 2nd-hand market with overpriced accessories Mad Catz!

Anyway - just when I though my hype reached it's peak news hit today on PPE.pl that Cenega (official distributor for SFV in Poland) and PPE (media partner) are running first Polish Open Championship for Street Fighter V

Dates and Venues for eliminations and Grand Finals

What is more exciting is that we're not getting just a single event but actually 5 elimination tournaments around 5 major cities in Poland which hopefully will attract a lot of players. Events are running from 20th of February till 12th of March (this is the date of last elimination tournament and subsequent Grand Final in Warsaw)

As of yet there is no English version of the event site nor the registration form but what is important is that elimination tournaments are open for everyone. Rules listed below:

- you don't have to be polish citizen to register

- tournament runs PS4 version of the game with newest patch available at the day of the tournament

- there are no entry fees

- participants must be at least 12 years old

- all participants need to register online using registration form available on Event's Official Website

- own controllers allowed as long as they don't support macros and turbo functionality is off.

- single elimination tournaments with first to two wins system till 1/8 and then first to three wins till quarter finals. Formula changes to double elimination in Grand Finals.

- top 3 players advance to Grand Finals from each event apart from last elimination tournament in Warsaw where top 4 players move to Grand Finals. This gives total of 16 players in the double elimination tournament.

- single player can sign up for all available elimination tournaments but once he/she reaches top 3 then participation in subsequent elimination tournament is not allowed.

- as of now there are no banned/known exploits/characters - the rule may change following release of the full game and news of any bugs/exploits

I'm really happy that we have this series of events in Poland - for years now it was difficult to get major tournaments with official support but Cenega is really good with this one. Five tournaments following a really cool expo at Warsaw Games Week. Can only hope this will spark some interest and publisher and Capcom will revisit the formula maybe on annual basis?

From my side I enlisted for Warsaw but probably will also try to go to at least 2 other locations and have a shot there.

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