The Last of Us Remastered - Screenshot Gallery

Below you can find a selection of screenshots I took from TLOU Remastered. These were taken throughout 4 playthroughs and obviously contain spoilers so if you didn't have a chance to play The Last of Us I strongly recommend just buying the game and completing it.

With that out of the way - I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all people who were involved in creation of this game. It's rare to see such great combination of stunning visuals, addictive gameplay and amazing story. With the addition of screen capture mode in Remastered version I might just've spent as much time capturing those screenshots as I did playing the game.
Thank you!

fight in the blizzard


Argo noooooo!


love this one as it reminded me of Beksinski's paintings

huge drop

booze will make your head all fuzzy




fighting for breath


cold death

abandoned street

everyone needs to have at least one giraffe shot don't they?


one of my favourite - silent kill in the blizzard

just a little more

pure hatred


it's always about that blue line isn't it?

ride into the sunset

hunter hunted

hiding in shadows

just silly

just outside

gun blazin' bubblegum chewin'

last farewell

hate scrubs

new order

gonna save you baby girl

nature taking over


one more floor

ok so I have two shots with a giraffe...

red dead redemption - was surprised what effect you can get with infected filter

surreal - all it took was to hide bodies and this shadow effect came into place

in search of imposter


getting ripped

just waiting

getting choked

suburbs revisited

sunset over campus

a twist on a giraffe scene

light my path

that could've been us

stealth kill

this is what happens when I can't buy a puppy

the sewers

the woods

these tunnels are never empty are they?

wish Joel would have one of those

just a trail of bodies left behind him

was really happy with this one - too bad you can't rotate images when using Share function on Playstation

through the water

threat in the distance

you shall die by my arrows - a famous Tenchu quote

one of the first captures I did - a bit too late for Jehowa witnesses don't you think Sarah?

just close your eyes and run away

in flames

been here for a while

sirens in the distance

illusion of safety - was aiming to capture those red/blue cop lights

this shot reminded me of Resident Evil 2 and 3 - Racoon City fall

just don't turn back


oh don't give me that look mister!

remember when I fist saw this - disgusting

just waiting there

deep breath - another twist on giraffe scene

quiet conversation at the bus depot

megaton punch

eyes of madness

praise the sun

missing those summer bbqs


through the rooftops

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