Hatred by Destructive Creations

I'm eagerly awaiting release of Hatred - a controversial game developed by Destructive Creations. Studio based in Gliwice Poland who had a nice idea of promoting their title with over the top violent trailer that made a lot of people go ape shit on brutality in video games.
As a supporter of the project just wanted to quote some of the feedback the game is receiving from media and gamers around the world.

"who needs this" - simple answer is "apparently you don't". The fact that some people are offended by this game and shocked by the images clearly means that Hatred is not for you. So simply skip that title and be done with it.

"there is no purpose behind this violence" - why would there be a purpose? To justify killing? To artificially impose an ulterior motive for the main character? You get that shit in every bloody game out there. This is a project created for pure fun not to change the industry as we know it.

"game will inspire more shootings" - obviously it will. But for those sick fuckers out there that are prone to such influence it doesn't matter if it's Hatred the game or Batman the movie. I refuse to subdue my own preference and desire for the sake of few individuals whose minds are all messed up.

If you enjoy harmless virtual slaughter and feel like Hatred is a game that you can enjoy responsibly then please support the project by going to: destructivecreations.pl

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