Fallout 4 - probably my GOTY in... 2016

Fallout hits the shelves officially on the 10th of November and comes in as probably the most hyped game of this year. I would even go as far as to say it's the most hyped game of this generation of consoles. This is not just because it's been 5 years since the release of Fallout: New Vegas but also the way Bethesda kept their mouth shut throughout these years just to deliver an awesome conference and reveal Fallout 4 at E3.

At this point I would love to say that I'm not on the hype train and I don't care about the game. The truth is for some odd reason last few Bethesda games stole countless hours of my life despite the fact that I didn't really like the gameplay nor the art-style.

I think that Bethesda games really nails what I like in games which is hoarding up junk/loot. With the announcement that in F4 you can actually use all this junk to create your own settlements/constructions means straight away that I'll be spending hours in that world searching for any last fucking tyre, monkey wrench and toy car in the wasteland.
With improved shooting mechanics, robust customisation system and huge map to explore I know this game can siphon my free time just like Witcher: Wild Hunt did.

Now this is where my common sense kicks in and what I actually wanted to say here: I plan to buy Fallout 4 only when Bethesda releases GOTY edition including all DLCs and patches.

When I think back about Fallout 3 or New Vegas the only thing that stays with me apart from insane collection of useless junk (the one I would store in my in-game apartment and meticulously group into categories) is how fucking ugly the world was and how quickly I lost any connection to the world due to bugs, complete misuse of gore, repetitive locations (fucking caves!) and how broken the experience was when I played my type of RPG character: full stealth + sniper/long range type-of-character.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not saying previous Fallout games were bad it's more about trying to clear up my thoughts and get past the hype to make a proper decision. With Bethesda record there is a very high chance game will require multiple patches to provide a smooth experience. Again this is expected - open world games especially when they are huge and provide a lot of freedom when it comes to choices made by the player tend to be full of bug and glitches. But I would like to experience Fallout quite a few months after the release when all game/quest braking bugs are fixed.

Another thing that keeps me from buying the game straight away is the DLC content. I know Bethesda can deliver some awesome add-ons especially when we're talking about story DLC but I'm sure they will also drop a ton of 'horse armour' shit as well. Again just to get a full experience I am happy to wait until GOTY that includes all that and just gives me the whole package.

With all that said - I'm sure the moment I see a first person on my friends list playing Fallout I will have to fight the urge to buy the game. Already started to hoard up on games that are to keep me busy for the next 6-7 months until we get a GOTY (might be even longer). My playlist includes: Wasteland 2 (PS4), PES2016, MGSV and MGO (dropped these once I bought Dying Light),Bloodborne GOTY and of course Street Fighter V which comes out in Feb. Mix that with DLC for Witcher, The Last Guardian and whatever else Sony will announce at Playstation Experience in December. That will keep me busy, aye?

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