Street Fighter V Beta Tournament at Warsaw Games Week 2015

[UPDATE] original story updated with link to SFV Beta fights

As mentioned in an earlier post I had a chance to attend a Warsaw Games Week. A gaming event designed as an industry showcase - much similar to E3 but obviously on a different scale and more focused on publishers rather than developers.

What was really awesome was that the whole event was heavily advertised (at least in Warsaw) as the ultimate gaming event in Poland. Venue was divided into two major halls one being dominated by Xbox and the other by Playstation. Nintendo had also quite a surprising presence with multiple WiiU and NDS stands - impressive for a company that doesn't have any official representation in Poland.

Nintendo stage - didn't want to take many pictures as it was overrun by kids - last thing you want to see is some fucking creeper taking pics of children, aye?

Myself and few other Street Fighter players were invited by Cenega (official distributor of Street Fighter V in Poland) to participate in an invitational tournament in SFV Beta.
The ticket I got was covering Friday, Saturday and Sunday entry with first day being open for press and people who paid for 'vip' tickets. Really great opportunity that unfortunately I couldn't capitalize on due to work so I only arrived on Sunday which was the actual tournament day.

One of the stages at the Xbox-centric part of the venue
Want to use this opportunity to thank Cenega for hosting the event and inviting us to showcase the game. Not a frequent thing for fighting games in Poland so it was really nice to see SFV presence in one of the biggest gaming conventions in our country.

Cenega stage at the Playstation-centric part of the venue
Tournament was a classic single elimination bracket for 8 players and the idea was that we will play our matches on a stage Cenega set up. Announcers kept referring to participants as 'top Street Fighter players in Poland' and obviously I don't count myself in that group but was fun to meet some of the guys I haven't seen for years now.

Di presenting hitbox controller to the crowds ;)
Players that were invited: krill, Kejim, Qjon, VHO, Hayat, Snake, Bladyszy and myself. The version of the game didn't include Laura so it wasn't the newest release but was still a great opportunity to play some fights offline.

 I was pitched against Hayat who didn't show up at the event so won this one by DQ. Then had a fight against Bladyszy who was using Ken and I took that fight as well moving straight into finals. Played final set against Kejim who first took out Krill and then VHO with his Cammy. Lost in the finals quite badly 3:1 midway changing from Vega to Nash and getting some rounds but ultimately didn't even have a plan in my first ever encounter of SFV's Cammy.

First tournament fight - krill (Chun) vs Kejim (Cammy)
Sorry guys but I didn't took many photos as the whole place was packed and I was mostly focused on Street Fighter V. Below just few shots of the venue I took plus some from the event. Once fights are posted online will link them here.


some fights already uploaded by Kot and can be viewed here:

Warsaw Games Week Street Fighter V Beta Tournament

Once again wanted to thank Cenega for hosting this event and Di for running the whole SFV tournament. Last but not least my little creepy selfie in Vault Boy's mask.

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